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Season’s of Your Life

Spring is in the air and it’s time to open those windows and air out the old living space. Spring cleaning, if you will, of the energy in your space. Open all of the windows and let the cool air kiss goodbye to winter and at the same time say hello to springtime. Let it  enter your home, apartment, or basically abode. Let the air sweep through each room, it  will undoubtedly cleanse all of the energy harbored during the winter months out. Begone old energy. A brisk chill will settle on each piece of furniture, drapery, wall and crevice renewing the living space for the next few months until we choose to do it again. It’s great feng shui.

While you’re at it open up all of the doors in the space. Open those closet doors and let’s air out the old closet space. Seek out the old and renew.

What do you do with items in your closet that you haven’t worn in over three years, five years, ten years? I have a system, if I haven’t worn it in three years it has to go. With the exception of certain items like bridal gowns, prom dresses, and the like. Clean out the old to make room for the new. Cleaning out your closet to make room for new sweaters, cardigans, twin sets, tunics, tops and just fun pieces like animal prints or rhinestone zipper cardigans is and will always be one of the best therapies money can buy. I personally don’t couch surf and download my issues. I shop. I keep it on a regular cycle and it keeps me in tune. I love the way a new cardigan set can change everything, the way a new pair of shoes can revive my entire wardrobe, the feeling I get when I am wearing something new and it’s working for me.

belldini, sweater, women's clothing, ruffle top

In fact as soon as I knock off of work today that will be my first stop. I am headed over to this charming little Downtown Los Angeles                      neighborhood where there are a number of really nifty privately owned shops and I am going to shop. Something lightweight, fun, and                  makes me feel attractive and confident. Who knows what will catch my fancy this evening, an open front cardigan that is free-flowing like              myself, something mock necked and long-sleeved to say I’m reserved and elegant, or an animal  printed sleeveless number to let them                  know I am on the prowl this evening.

Back on topic, clean out the old fuddy buggies in your space by opening all of the windows and running the cool air through the space to            clear out the old and refresh. Make some space in your closet for some new items (you deserve to treat yourself to something new).

And when you walk down the street in your new Belldini know deep down inside that you have done a personal cleansing of yourself. You          are pure and clean. You are ready life’s next season.

belldini ruched tankbelldini rhinestone zipper sleeveless cardigan    belldini rhinestone zipper cardigan lime


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dress for victory belldini

dress for victory belldini

“Dress for Victory”!

Welcome to the world of  Belldini.

The home of fantastic rhinestone zipper cardigans, ferocious animal prints, vibrant colored jersey tanks, and light, flowing open front cardigans!

Time and time again I get phone calls from our customers who absolutely love their Belldini’s. They tell me how many they have in their closets, how many they have of  the same style in different colors and how they want to add a new color to their sets. The wonderful ladies I have the honor of speaking with always sound excited and whimsical over the phone to add a new Belldini set to their growing collection. I often hear about how they found their first Belldini and now they are hooked. They love the way it  feels and fits.  I have even seen women wearing three at a time, layered. Now that’s love. When I see a woman wearing Belldini, whenever any of us here at  Belldini sees a person wearing one of our designs we get excited and we have to tell everyone in the office and share. Even my Mother will email or call me to tell me when she sees a woman in Belldini. That’s the feeling and adoration that surrounds this brand.

Moving forward, as our first posting we want to thank you, all of our customers. We dedicate this blog to all of our customers.

Every stitch of our day is dedicated to you. Without you we wouldn’t be here.

Thank you.

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